Wednesday, 31 March, 2010


Thanks Sowmya of !for tagging me . Didnt know what I had been tagged for... but figured it out . Sorry didnt know who to tag in return
7 things about myself

* When I was about 5 in our school for some reason we had to collect neem seeds . I collected goat droppings sincerely and insisted that they were neem seeds.
* Around that time . Sorry the interesting bits in my childhood all happened the same year I think . I kept asking my mom to cut my hair similar to a doll I had. This doll had come from Singapore and doll and me wore same dress , had same pillow, etc. My mother said that if I had a fringe I would become cross eyed. Seeing that there were no fringe benefits in rolling my eyes and looking cute. ( I still get a lot done by rolling my eyes and producing tears at short notice) I decided to chop my hair myself . MY mother while combing my hair realized that parts of it were missing. So I came up with a story that a girl in school had cut it off interjected it with tears and big eyes. My parents were keen to catch this hair cutter monster I had created. As luck would have it my brother surfaced with a dustbin full of hair and a scissor hidden deep beneath
*My dad once caught me going triples outside Ethiraj! We were all dressed in a strange outfit with leg bands and pony tails. We were going for a dance competition .
*In hostel we used to steal butter and bun and hide it under our bed .
*Everyone thinks I play chess. I dont
*My brother and me had an idea to make chocolates called kozhava . It meant rolling chocolate and cheese into balls and freezing them. We thought we could become millionaires . My other cottage industries included mixing milk and pencil shavings to make rubbers . Start a lending library. We kind of couldn't work the partnership agreement as to how the empire would be divided and it fell through
* Extremely lazy to actually do anything , but hyper active once I start...


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  2. Hi
    I hate to do this here (can't find any other way to contact you) - but may I have your official email id ? This year the International Conference of Mathematicians is due to be held in India for the very first time and the organisers would like to raise the profile of the event and that of mathematics in general. We are therefore attempting to have a series of articles on mathematics published in main stream media. I would like to interview Shri Viswanath Anand for a piece on Chess and mathematics. Would this be possible? I do know that it will be some time before an interview can happen but it would be great if you will let me know whether such an interview would be possible or not.
    With my very best wishes for the ongoing matches at Sofia.
    Rosalind Ezhil K

  3. hi aruna
    how do u make ur marriage work with such an unusual schedule / travel and all of that....


  4. @rosalind The ICM is in touch with us so they are planning to do some articles I think Contact them
    @ lalitha thanks . Well i dont know ...really

  5. Hi,,Aruna Chechi,,I am Shemeem from kerala.I am huge fan of Anand.He is my top inspiration when i got relaised from my childhood.From a small village he marched out to the peak point.Pass my wishes to him.I would like to make friendship with you.Hope your reply....

  6. Congratulations on a Job Well Done... I mean in Sofia!