Tuesday, 29 December, 2009

Kosu Kadi to Kosu Adi

One new invention that will not make it to Times best inventions of 2009 is Hunter Mosquito bat. A neat little tennis bat that kills mosquitoes with a gentle touch .
I chanced upon this and bought it. See chennai Kosu are the original CSK. Chennai Super Kosu.We all started with Tortoise kolithingal kosu kollingal to All out good night and various contraption but our chennai kosu very much like their buffalo counter parts develop a thick skin. Many times they would do a pradashnam of the sanctum sanctorium of the all out machine and come straight for us . In the night we would wake up trying to kill this blood thirsty intruder. We put mosquito nets but still one kosu would troop in. So out came HUnter. My mom and me were the first to test it. Every morning we would take it out and kill kosu along with Kaapi and paper. After some time eee adikarthu took on a new bloody purpose. We killed mosquito in flight. Sometimes we would use a little flesh to bait the stinger and then go kachak. Then my husband discovered it. He is an intelligent man. He would discover flight paths and hit the bat at the intersection of different flight paths to improve his mpm score (mosquito per minute score) . After fighting over the remote now we have a hunter fight. See there is a mosquito on the bed get Hunter. No the mosquito in my room seems more eager. So now we own one hunter per head in our house.
At night I keep hunter next to my pillow to get any zzing kosus . Soon I was dreaming of the day when I will be rich enough to get Roger Federer to kill my kosus . With his grace and ballet like movements the Madras kosu will be hypnotized and just come and die . Of course in rainy season we would need Nadal to power kill the kadi rajas
Now I decided to give Hunter to my MIl. She was apprehensive of this bat . But one afternoon while my FIl slept. MIl scanned his body with kosu bat and killed an electrifying number of kosus . Imagine like Lord Visnu and Lakshmi. Only a kosu bat wielding one. So much so my FIl thought someone was bursting crackers. My MIl has a neat technique . She sways the bat more like Bheema´s mace and kills an amazing 30 mpm. After the first few weeks of this record kosus have now understood that MIl armed is Kosu harmed . So now they stay clear. Now we are all trying to get some kosus back just to singe them...
ON that note ... my Mil and me had this philosophical debate whether killing kosus like this would get Chitragupta to heavily put us on karma debit. But at this time in came one CSK everyone charged for HUnter and instant nirvana was attained .Of course the ones who couldnt reach out for Hunter kept complaining of how their technique to kill the kosu would have been better. Naan oru theram hunter adicha nooru theram adikramadri... cooed the HUnter super hero
Sorry but sometime kosu adikarthe can be serious hunting....