Wednesday, 4 March, 2009

Amuse Bouche

The word sounds so funny. Amuse Bouche pronounced Amyz Bu. Sounds like a friendly ghost Amyz Boo. On googling i found out this had a lot more meaning. Bite sized portions that tell a story . Well it could be me. I come in a bite sized portion and pack quite a punch. On a more serious note , chefs actually take a lot of pain to make these bite sized wonders. Free peanuts , papads and breads do qualify but an amuse bouche should open the apetitite and ¨make the stomach just suitably hungry. some of my ideas for an Amuse Bouche -

Pastry dough- ready made variety . cut circles in them add some cumin roughly crushed . Mash some potatoes and channa top with tamrind sauce and fresh chopped mint and coriander and a dollop of yoghurt. This what I call Chaat canape
Bruschetta makes for excellent amuse bouche. To make it more chic . Cut the bread real thin and bake . Add tomatoes then a layer of olive puree (blitz black olives garlic and red chilli) top with pesto !! this is heaven
I love Amuse Bouche especially when you know that they are free. the more exquisite the freebie bite the more expensive the bill.
So sometimes free peanuts are not so tacky

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